Homeless Settlement Agreement

While Bartlett`s office has since provided additional information about the proposed agreement, the first details were sparse when the news first broke, and other South County officials tried to understand what the board accepted. A Fire spokesman declined to discuss the details and simply said the city would continue to work to resolve the case and address the homelessness crisis. A brochure outlining the details of the potential Orange County agreement stated that it would include „all current and future homeless people” residing in the northern and central planning areas of the county. David Duran, who signed the colony on behalf of the People`s Homeless Task Force, believes that too much emphasis has been placed on housing creation and not enough on permanent housing with social and health services for the most vulnerable homeless. „This colony allows the county to meet its previously proclaimed commitment to relocate any willing homeless persons to appropriate housing and services. What was previously lacking were good housing and a willingness to re-evaluate existing programs, which did not contain guidelines, procedures and training to enable a disproportionate number of homeless people with disabilities to access the shelters, programs and services they sorely need. This comparison requires robust standards of care that ensure adequate staff training and legal protection and a right to a fair trial,” said Lili Graham, Disability Rights California Attorney for People`s Task Force. Three other cities pledged on Monday to provide certain amounts of shelter to the homeless and not enforce anti-camping laws against them unless they refuse available beds suitable for their disabilities. „There are a lot more [colonies], potentially,” Carter said. „This is just the beginning.” Do called the colony a „water moment” for the county before thanking Weitzman and Sobel, the lawyers for the homeless. The original complaint argued that Orange County discriminated against homeless people with disabilities living in Santa Ana Riverbed. In January 2018, Orange County began evacuating hundreds of people living in Santa Ana Riverbed, including people with mental, physical or both disabilities.

The county had previously committed to relocating any willing homeless persons on the riverbed to appropriate shelters and services before asking them to leave; However, the county has suddenly begun to make evictions, although hundreds of people have not yet accessed the county`s services. The colony requires public relations staff to serve as a leading point of contact for homeless people in the North and central service planning areas – and provides field screenings, clinical assessments, and appropriate services and mediation. In these areas, this assistance is provided before sheriff`s deputies can issue warnings and, if these warnings are ignored, write citations or make arrests of homeless people. In addition, in areas where MPs can enforce camping and loitering laws, specially trained outreach teams must first contact the homeless and establish an appropriate protective bed based on the person`s needs for medical care, psychiatric services and other factors. The Los Angeles City Council has City Atty. Mike Fire is allowing discussions to begin on the city`s homelessness requirements, a step that could put the city back under federal surveillance.