Asx Client Agreement

4. If a commercial operator`s NTA is less than 150% of the minimum level prescribed by Rule 5.2.1, 6. AsIC`s trade operator must provide ASIC, upon written request, with an ad hoc reference of the NTA for the period defined in ASIC`s application, with the information contained in and in the form of Form 8 relating to these rules and a statement from the administrators regarding the return of the ad hoc NTA in form 6 of this internal regulation which is approved by ASIC within 24 hours of receiving the Rule 6.2.1, paragraph 7. (i) within 24 hours of the publication of the excess of the minimum level required by Rule 5.2.1, a summary return of the NTA containing the information contained in and on the Form 7 form of these rules; and (b) that the lender`s rights to receive interest and principal payments in accordance with the loan are subordinated at any time to other creditors; . transmitting the information to ASIC to the electronic return and monitoring system managed by the market operator. In order to avoid any doubt, ASIC cannot be provided with further information and documents regarding other information and documents to be provided to ASIC. (c) that the repayment of the loan is subject, in whole or in part, to the agreement of ASIC, which can only be granted if it is satisfied that the operator can, after being repaid, clean up the requirements of the NTA; and (c) auditor reports in accordance with Rule 6.2.1 (2) until the date set for Rule 6.2.1 (2). „subordinated loan declaration,” an act with provisions, including (unrestricted): c) rule 6.2.1(b) (i) and (ii) (monthly NTA return and declaration); 2. For the purposes of Rules 6.2.1 (a), b) and c), the financial statements, director statements and reports of the statutory auditor to ASIC and the date on which they are to be presented are: . (a) to inform ASIC immediately in writing and to indicate the amount to which its NTA fell; and (a) the financial statements covered by Rule 6.2.1, paragraph 2, up to the date set by the rule, which provides a real picture of the company`s financial situation and performance and are established according to generally accepted accounting standards and principles in Australia; Note: Rule 6.2.1 (9) provides that, for calendar months from August to December 2011, an operator may comply with Rule 6.2.1 (2) (b) by handing over the return and return prescribed by the rule until the end of the calendar month following the month to which the return relates.

Monthly returns from January 2012 must be given to ASIC within 10 working days of the end of a calendar month. . Volume 2 contains the calendar (forms 1 to 8) and notes. 3.1.2 Market manipulations and deceptive shares or practices relating to the price (d) that the obligation to repay the loan and pay interest be suspended for a period during which the level of the operator`s net tangible assets is below the minimum prescribed by the rules. b) within 10 working days of the end of each calendar month: a) rule 6.2.1(a) (a) (ii) (annual return of the NTA controlled); Asset values within the meaning of this definition do not include value, future tax benefits, goods, patents, trademark rights, market operator participation rights, obligation established by clearing rules or assets used to secure this obligation, expenses and other similar assets considered intangible in the current accounting or the value of a debt due to the participant in trading. , or may be considered questionable by other means or the value of an asset that cannot be realized within 12 months on the basis of an ongoing business. Commitments include provisions for personal income tax, long-term leave and other contingencies for which provisions are properly reflected in current accounting practices.