Toptal Agreement

Note: This customer platform access agreement is a substantial overhaul of the previous toptal online agreement entitled „Client Services Terms of Service” and replaces this previous agreement in its entirety. Please read it carefully to familiarize yourself with your rights and obligations regarding the use of parts of the customer platform. Other. These terms and conditions and all additions, changes, changes and/or changes made by Toptal at the same time as Toptal`s Privacy Policy represent the entire agreement between the parties regarding the parts of the site that are available without an account identifier or password. Access to certain parts of the site and subsequent acquisition and use of Toptal`s services are subject to different additional agreements. These terms and conditions apply to your access and use of (the „site”), including all software, data, reports, texts, images, sounds, videos and content provided by any part of the site (together „content”). The content covers all the building blocks of the set, as well as elements and parts of those elements. Toptal, LLC („Toptal” or „we”) provides a network („network”) of independent contractors who offer software engineering or other professional services (each a „talent” and the services they provide, the „talent services”). The „platform” includes a) Toptal`s website in (the „site”), b) Toptal`s technology platform for finding and connecting talent to the people they need and who are offered by or via toptal (the „platform”), and (c) all software, data, reports, texts, images, sounds, videos and content made available by one of the (sets) above. Any new features that will be added or extended to the platform will also be subject to the customer platform access agreement („CPAA”). Matching Services includes the use of all the features, features and content of the platform that allow customers to identify, verify, contact and take other steps to engage talent, as well as Toptal`s work in helping talent („you” or „customer”) in identifying, verifying, making contact and taking actions to engage talent.

Matching services do not contain talented work. As a simple reference, the website, network, platform, identities or descriptions of talent services, correspondence services, other content, Toptal proprietary information and all other CPAA Toptal products or services are jointly referred to as „Toptal-Characteristics.” Toptal properties include all of these elements as a whole, as well as individual elements and parts of those elements. Nothing in this CPAA requires: (1) You hire a certain talent for each job, (2) Toptal to provide you or any client with matching services, or (3) Toptal to identify talent for your specific needs.