Sap Agreements On Premise

. SAP provides cloud service consistently for all customers. Learn more about product-specific conditions, support policy and cloud service readiness. Learn more about cloud contracts with SAP and aspects of each element. . SAP Communication Center by Ancile and SAP Productivity License, Distribution and Marketing Agreement – Microsoft Corp. and Business Objects SA The order is your order to subscribe to SAP`s cloud business services. It sets the terms and sets the structure of the contract. SAP US Benefits Management Benefit Focus Supplement The following links contain SAP Cloud Services documents, product-specific conditions, support policies and user rights, customer data, warranties, confidentiality and limitation of liability. Licensing contract – Yahoo! Inc. and Microsoft Corp. . .

SAP Business Objects Cloud and Digital Boardroom Supplement SAP Assessment Management by QuestionMark Terms of Sale (CGV) contain legal provisions relating to your usage rights, determine ownership of customer data and define warranties, limitation of liability and confidentiality. SAP Browse Manager SAP Conversion Manager Merchandising Supplement SAP Financial Statement Insights for Profit and Loss Supplement Embedded Software License Distribution Agreement – Oracle USA Inc. and ArcSight Inc. . SAP User Experience by KNOA Cloud Edition Supplement Discover various contract documents for SAP`s cloud, software and service offerings. These contractual documents form the basis of your contractual relationship with SAP if they are referenced in certain order forms. SAP Business One Cloud Development Services Supplement . . The data processing agreement applies to SAP Cloud services that process personal data. It ensures that your personal data is properly protected and defines SAP`s obligation to maintain the certifications in effect. SAP Service Description for SAP Premium Engagement Support Services .

SAP Time and Presence Management according to Workforce Software SAP List of prices and conditions sap software and support . . SAP Enterprise Education offers additional terms and conditions directly . . . On the instruction of the data processor that processes personal data downloaded into the cloud service, SAP implements and maintains technical and organizational measures to ensure adequate protection of personal data.