Postnuptial Agreement Massachusetts

In Ansin v. Craven-Ansin, the Supreme Court of the MA, ruled that an agreement between a man and a woman to determine the financial consequences of a future divorce, which was not contemplated at the time, was indeed enforceable and did not violate public policy. Lawyer Jay Davis has expertise in all aspects of preliminary and post-contract contracts in Massachusetts. It will carefully explain the benefits, constraints, realities and effects of your situation and help you negotiate the best possible deal after time. Call the Davis Law Group today at 617-221-3548 to discuss your particular situation and find out if a post-uptial might be the right way for you. However, the SJC set specific criteria for the implementation of a post-up and stressed that the agreement needed to be „carefully considered”. Here are the five criteria that an AD tribunal will consider in determining the validity of a post-mortdal agreement: It is important to note that the burden of proof that there is no coercion or fraud, if the post-uptial agreement has been executed, is intended for the spouse who is attempting to impose it in a divorce case. Jay Davis can offer you strong legal representation to ensure that your rights are fully protected in the event of a divorce involving a post-uptial agreement. Call 617-221-3548 to discuss your case with Jay Davis. The only difference between a pre- and post-marriage marriage is the time. The post-Nup is signed during a marriage and aims to protect the assets in the event of marriage breakdown.

Postnups should be seen as a kind of reset button used to make housing for recent fortune or a way to solve previous money problems that have damaged the relationship. In a strange way, the type of preparation for divorce can actually create more peace in a relationship, because the problems are forced to be dealt with. Since Massachusetts postmarital or marital agreements must be rigorously reviewed by the court before they can be sanctioned, it is important to cooperate with an experienced lawyer who will ensure that all legal requirements are met in the development and implementation of the agreement. In recent years, it has become increasingly common for married people to consider a post-uptial agreement in Massachusetts. A post-nuptial agreement (also known as a marriage contract and commonly known as „Postnup”) aims to establish a clear understanding of the management and control of finances and assets in order to create a more harmonious marriage.